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Vault Account Frequently Asked Questions?

Thank you for your interest in our Vault Accounts as a way of saving in Silver or Gold.

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Please watch the video below, and have a look through our Frequenty Asked Questions to get an idea about how this service works.

1) How do I buy or sell silver or gold in the Broadside Vault account ?
Call during standard office hours to place an order, or order online. The prices are listed on the website. You then have 3 days to submit payment by any of the usual methods. The price is fixed at the time you place your order. You may only sell metal which has been fully paid for, so if you think you may re-sell withing a few days, then please ensure prompt payment. This does not apply to orders to convert to coins/bars for delivery.

2) Is my order 100% secured by metal ?
Yes, we keep sufficient metal in stock to cover all orders. We fully expect gold and silver prices to rise over the long term, so we would lose money if we did not cover this risk by buying the metal which is booked..

3) Where is the metal kept ?
The metal is stored as principal stock at our 2 stores, and also as backup stock at our depository in Ontario. i.e. all within 48hrs shipping time.

4) What type of denomination is the metal stored in ?
For silver, the metal is stored in a combination of 1oz, 5oz, 10oz, 1kg, 100oz and 1000oz coins and bars. For gold, the metal is stored in in a combination of 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1oz, 5oz, and 10ozcoins and bars.

5) Can I take delivery of my metal anytime ?
Yes, you can take personal delivery at any time for just the difference between the Vault price and the price of the coin/bar you take delivery of. This is dependant on that particular coin/bar being in stock - if unavailable, you may chose another format. e.g. if you want to take delivery of 50oz silver as a 50oz bar, but there are no 50oz bars available, you may still chose either 5x 10oz bars, 10x 5oz bars or 50x 1oz coins as available. You may just walk into the store and demand it, or ask for it to be shipped to you.

6) Are there any storage fees ?
There are no storage fees for silver or gold in our vault accounts upto 500oz Silver or 10oz Gold. If you would like to store over this amount, then we rocommend you have a look at our Metal Lease Contract as an alternative way of storing metal. Please see below for details of storage fees for crypto-currencies.

7) What is the minimum order size ?
The minimum order size for silver is 1 oz. The minimum order size for gold is 1/20 oz.

8) How do I convert my metal to physical ?
When converting from Broadside Vault account to metal for physical delivery, you will receive credit at the better ASK price for the metal, which is then offset against your purchase of coins or bars. As such you will not incur any costs by buying vault first and converting within one month, when compared to directly buying the coins or bars.

9) Can I use the Broadside Vault account to speculate on the price of metals ?
When and how you use the vault account is upto you. However, you may not sell metal in your account until AFTER it has been paid for. If you wish to sell metal before it has been paid for, then additional cancellation premiums of 1% of the higher of either the sale or purchase price will apply. This premium is not applicable for customers merely converting metal to coins/bars for delivery.

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