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I was into your Bedford Location and dealt wth Jeremiah. He was respectful and knowledgeable, and showed me each step of the process.  I will definitely recommend this location to others!

Michelle C.

I was so compelled by your most recent newsletter, that I just had to write to say thank you.

I always knew the math vis a vis the $20 for $20 program was bad, but I bought anyway over the last few years. My logic was based on the face value of the coin, but also the fact that it had silver content... figuring that if fiat ever went south, at least there was a basic measure of silver that backed the face value stamped on the coin that I could use to barter or trade if needed.

I started to sour on the coins when, as you rightly pointed out in the newsletter, the crystals, and colours and gimmickry started showing up. So I stopped buying. But, when I started seeing the 50 for 50 and 100 for 100 coins, that's when I knew the entire thing was a bit of a hoax. I had done the math as well, and realized the INSANE markup and profitability on the coins for the mint. It was, without question, downright predatory.

I have 5-sets of the 20 for 20 from the last several years -- 90% without frills. Of course, i have bullion as well, which I bought from you on several occasions. And I have no regrets on any of it, at this point. I'm just waiting for the time when all that bullion will pay. I often wonder if it will be in my lifetime. I'll unload the 20 for 20 at the same time. Silver to $300? We'll see. I'd take half of that.

At any rate, just a quick note on a grey Saturday morning to say thank you.

Steve M.

I just wanted to say that I  am very happy with the fact that I can now purchase bullion right here in the Halifax area through ATLANTIC GOLD AND SILVER CENTRE at your location in Bedford. To be able to buy bullion coins and bars WITHOUT having to pay shipping and any other costs or excessive premiums is such a treat for us. In 2009 we purchased about $9000.00 worth of silver from a gold and silver company in the western US states. We didn't know anything about PMs and were just learning. We saw the advertisements online as a sidebar through one of the websites we often visited. We contacted them and after deliberations we paid our money and it took almost 4 months for us to get our product! The company rarely answered our calls, rarely responded to our emails and we were stunned about the whole process! We thought we had been rooked but it turned out this company was having massive shortages which they never told us about. Although we finally ended up getting our product we vowed NEVER to go through that horrible experience again. Having your company here makes it so easy and comforting to be able to order over the phone and then walk in and get the product safe and sound in our hands at the going rates. Thank you for coming to this area!

Mike A.

I've recently taken an interest in physical gold and silver purchases. Not having a lot of disposable income I'm going to focus on silver for a while but I'll eventually expand into gold as my income permits.

Not knowing how to begin, I started doing some online checking for dealers in the Halifax area and most web searches I did returned coin dealers who, I noticed, charged quite a bit more over spot then I was comfortable paying.

Further web searches eventually lead me to your new Halifax area location and I drove out the other night. I was pleasantly surprised to find the store did not look like a typical pawn shop or coin dealer. I was at ease immediately and your staff were both very helpful but also very informative and eager to share your knowledge.

My initial purchase was small however I will be back for more. I just wanted to pass on my thanks and I'd hope you would pass it on to your Halifax location staff.

Randy T.

Hi, just received my package, all in order, well-sealed.
Looking forward to conducting more business.


Steve B.

For the last number of years I have been listening to a lot of information about buying gold and silver as an investment and hedge against currency devaluation. I work in the new housing industry and enjoyed many boom years up until the market crashed in 2008. Being somewhat of a news hound I watched as countries, through bailouts, printed billions of dollars and I observed the ever increasing debt of the USA into the trillions of dollars. This sent me on a quest to learn about how our money system works and I ultimately made the decision to start stacking silver, but I quickly learned that there were not a lot of places around Halifax that provided the service I was looking for.

One choice I seemed to have at the time were to buy online, but that sometimes involved currency exchange, minimum purchases and/or shipping charges. I ended up making an appointment with my bank to discuss the purchasing of precious metals, but my banker didn’t seem all that informed about it and I was told that anything I wanted to purchase had to be sent by armored truck. They offered silver certificates, but I had been warned against that and I wanted to physically be in the possession of anything I bought.

While walking to my truck after that meeting, I searched the Internet on my phone for anywhere in the Halifax area that could help me and came up with Atlantic Gold & Silver Centre in Bedford. I called the number and could tell the person who answer the phone was experienced in exactly what I was looking for so I jumped in my truck and headed right there. I didn’t know a lot about stacking silver, but the representative from Atlantic Gold & Silver Centre answered all my questions and I left that day with 10 oz of silver bullion in my hand. The rest is history as I am well on my way to building my silver stack as an investment and security for the future.
Paul I.

Monday Jan 13th was a day to mark on your calendar for all Bullion Investors in HRM!

For years bullion buyers had to face a difficult decision in HRM, where to buy their physical gold and silver. Our options were: paying in advance online, paying higher premiums at local coin dealers, or making the drive to Moncton. Well on Jan 13th, 2014 all of that changed. Since Atlantic Gold and Silver opened I have visited their location in Bedford many times. They are always easy to talk to, and have a detailed knowledge of recent trends, and offer the best prices in HRM!! Their site has easy to access live pricing, paired with phone-in orders makes bullion investing much easier, and more readily available.


Although I've been buying bullion primarily online over the last several years, the staff at Atlantic Gold and Silver are very knowledgeable and provide excellent customer service to go with their great pricing. I'll be a regular customer here in the future!

Kevin D.



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