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Buying from us.

Ordering Online

Placing orders online is easy, but we ask for a small deposit of your order total to lock in your price. This deposit is deducted from your order total, and is to prevent online fraud and dishonest speculators.

The Deposit is 1% of your bullion order + shipping & taxes.

You then send the remaining 99% by conventional payment methods (see below)


You Order 25 Silver Maples @ $27.50 for shipping in New Brunswick. You choose to pay by Interac E-Transfer.

Bullion Cost = 25 x $27.50 $687.50
Shipping = $10 +13% HST $11.30
Total Order Cost $698.80

Deposit Charged to your Credit Card.

(1% of $687.50 + All Shipping & Taxes of $11.30)

Balance Due (By Interac E-Transfer) $680.62


You will receive email confirmation of your order. Check your order details, and if all is OK, send the remaining balance. If there are any problems, get in touch with us by phone or email as soon as possible.

Ordering by Phone or In Store

You may place your order in person at our office, or by phone. We do not accept orders by email, online chat or through third parties. We will confirm the price and arrange your delivery / collection preference. You then have 1-3 business days to complete payment, depending on order size. (See full terms and conditions below)

Payment Methods

Please Note : WE DO NOT accept Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, or any other credit card based payments for Bullion or Crypto-Currencies.

We accept the following payment methods ...

  • Cash (in person only) : upto $10,000
You can pay the balance in CASH when you pick up your order.
This must be in the SAME currency you used to place your order (i.e. USD or CAD)

  • Interac Debit (in person only)
You can pay the balance using your Interac Debit card when you pick up your order.
This must be a DEBIT card, as we do not accept Credit Cards for payment, only for the online deposit.
Typically your card limit may be $1000 or $2000.
Please contact your bank in advance if you wish to make a larger payment.

  • Interac Etransfer : upto your banks transaction limit - typically $2000
Please send your E-Transfer to : customerservice [at]
If ordering online, please enter the e-transer password you use in the 'Special Instructions' box during checkout.

  • Bill Payments (RBC, BMO, CIBC) - Up to $25,000
Please set up your Bill Payment to 'Broadside Bullion Inc.' This is our official company name.
You can find your 10 digit account number near the top of your email invoice,
or if you click on MY ACCOUNT, it is shown near the top right of the screen.

  • Wire transfer : all payments over $25,000

On receiving your order, we will send you an additional email with complete instructions and bank details to enable your bank to WIRE us the funds.

  • Bankers draft : Up to $25,000
We accept only Bank Drafts, not certified checks or money orders.
The draft must be for EXACTLY the amount due - we do not give change, or accept balancing payments from pre-written drafts.
Please make payable to 'Broadside Bullion Inc.'.
You can either present this in store if you are picking up your order.
Or, if mailing, please use Canada Post Xpresspost to the following address :-
The Atlantic Gold & Silver Centre, 26 Trites Rd, Unit D, Riverview, NB, E1B 2V6

Credit cards are only used for the small deposit on your order to lock in the price.
We will accept Credit cards in-store ONLY for NON bullion items i.e. books, coin accessories etc

Bankers drafts over $10,000 may sometimes require 1 business day to confirm authenticity. Clearance of bankers drafts over our $25,000 limit may be subject to an additional authorization fee of $75.

Personal cheques - we no longer accept personal cheques for any items.

Settlement Times

We appreciate prompt payment, and you should ensure your funds are 'ready-to-go' in your bank before placing an order. (Please do not place orders whilst waiting for funds to arrive from a GIC, TFSA or other investment account - as this can take several days)

  • Upto $25,000 : 3 days (If mailing, please use XpressPost to ensure timely delivery)
  • Over $25,000 : Electronic WIRE Transfer Only by Close Of Business on following day.

Specific Government Of Canada rules regarding cash

For CASH transactions over $10,000 we are required by law to see evidence of ID. For transactions over $10,000 which are paid by debit, cheque, draft or wire we do not require proof of ID.

Collecting from our store

If you collect your order from our store, there are no shipping charges. We usually carry sufficient inventory of silver and gold for most orders - and larger orders can be supplied within 5-10 days. If you have paid in advance by wire or bankers draft, we will ask to see government photo ID on collection. This will not be recorded and is simply to ensure no-one else can collect your order.

Selling to us.

We offer live prices for all regular bullion investments. We also show live prices for scrap silver/gold and less tradeable bullion items.

Investment items must be in good condition, and identifiable as coming from a reputable mint. (i.e. well known brand, coin or mint mark). We cannot offer or book a price for you over the phone, as we must see the items first. If you wish to sell items over $5000, please call in advance to let us know you are coming and verify that it is something we will buy.



All purchases of silver or gold are final sale with no refunds, amendments or changes permitted once the order has been confirmed except at the absolute discretion of Broadside Bullion Inc.

We must receive payment within 1-3 business days, depending on order size. Your order can only be collected/shipped when full payment has been received. The following waiting times apply depending on the method of payment..

  • Bankers Drafts over $10,000 : Upto 24hrs to confirm authenticity.
  • Cash, Interac or Wire : No waiting time once payment received.
  • Bill Payments : These clear overnight, so orders cannot be collected/shipped until following day.

Cash Transactions over $10,000 require additional form of government issued photo ID.

If you do not submit payment in time, your order may be cancelled, and the bullion re-sold at applicable markets rates. You may be liable for any loss incurred by Broadside Bullion Inc in relation to cancelled orders, and this may exceed any deposit paid. If a deposit was paid by credit card you may be refunded any difference, or automatically billed for any additional costs.

We do our best to ensure accurate and reliable online pricing and information. However, due to the nature of technology and potential unreliability of interconnected systems, we reserve the right to invalidate any online orders where pricing or rates may be incorrectly quoted or adversely affected due to technical difficulties either caused by us or our third party data providers.

If for any reason Broadside Bullion Inc is unable to fulfil your order due to extraneous circumstances including to but not limited to fire, theft, supply shortfalls, shipping delays, we will offer you the choice of either:-

  • A full refund at the purchase price or,
  • A full refund at the current market value of the order or,
  • Other bullion products of the same metal equal to the current market value of your order

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