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Broadside Bullion Inc was formed in October 2010 - just before the release of "QE2".

It was established to provide the common man with a way to protect his wealth from the deleterious effects of government orchestrated inflation - which erodes the savings and purchasing power of the population to the benefit of the government, their agencies and large business sponsors.

Smaller investors cannot easily afford the shipping and insurance involved when dealing with distant bullion dealers, so a local, walk-in store becomes an essential service.

The fast run up in the price of Silver in late 2010, created a surge in demand - which we were ideally positioned to fill. In our first year we sold over $3.3M in silver and gold, and this has grown ever since. To meet demand from Nova Scotia, we also opened a second location in Bedford - part of HRM. We have now been in operation for over 12 years and have grown to become the best known, and largest dealer in the region.

Our new store was re-named "Atlantic Gold & Silver" to better clarify what we do, and identify with the geographical location of our customers.

From the very start we have dealt with some of the largest distributors in North America, which gives is regular & reliable supplies of silver and gold, wider access to products and the ability to broker larger deals which might otherwise be problematic for an independant dealer. We are also a listed and recognised dealer for Royal Canadian Mint products.

Broadside Bullion Inc is a privately owned company with no debt, and sizeable inventory surpluses. All our physical bullion transactions are cash settled, with no use of credit. This means any funds transferred to us are very safe, and there is very little risk for us to go bankrupt.

Our aim is to become the largest dedicated silver and gold dealer in the Maritime (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island). We believed we have achieved this, and are now looking to at growing the business into other jurisdictions.


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