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Free Chocolate 'Gold' coins with every transaction !

Christmas is the time for giving, so when you pop in for some silver or gold for yourself, don't forget the kids ! Take some chocolate 'gold' coins home for them too - or if you don't have kids, treat yourself instead ! While stocks last ! (Posted Thu 5th Nov 2019)

Black Friday deals start today ! NOW SOLD OUT !

For Black Friday, we are offering 1oz Special Edition coins for just $1.75 premium per oz. Far cheaper than most coins, this price is closer to the rate for 100oz bars ! Check out our Special Collection page for items marked SALE ! Click HERE to see availability, and please phone or visit a store to order. Limit is 25oz per person per day - while stocks last ! (Updated Fri 29th Nov 2019)

Pure Chocolate 'Gold' bars !

Just in for Christmas, these Pure Chocolate 'Gold' Bars are an ideal gift for the precious metals bug in your life ! Containing 120g of fine milk chocolate, they are modelled on a 500g Credit Suisse gold bar ! These will only be available for the Christmas season - so get yours today while stocks last ! (Posted Wed 20th Nov 2019)

PAMP Suisse 100oz Silver Bars - now in stock.

We are now stocking the finest quality 100oz Swiss silver bars produced by PAMP. Each bar is individually sealed and comes with its own assay certificate. Order 5 and get them in a dedicated PAMP Suisse Monster Box !  (Posted Thu 14th Nov 2019)

Perth Mint 2020 - Year of the Mouse !

Just in - the first of the Perth Mint Lunar Series III celebrating the new Chinese Year.. These new coins feature brand new designs, and sturdier cases. The 2020 coin features a new template, and a beautiful new design which is sure to sell out fast. The 1oz coins are limited to just 300,000 coins wordwide ! Perth Mint Lunar coins make ideal christmas gifts, so get yours today !(Posted Fri 19th Oct 2019)

SAVE on 80% Canadian Junk Silver !

We have a bulk lot of 80% Junk Silver available this week, and even with HST, the price comes out cheaper per ounce than Silver Maples ! Not just a little cheaper either - but you save $1.25 per ounce ! Apart from Silver Maples, these are the best official government issued silver coins in Canada - and with a saving like that, they won't last long! Order today - as we never know when we'll have more stock available !  (Posted Mon 7th Oct 2019)

New Queens Beast and RCMP 2oz Silver coins - just arrived !

We have just received the latest in the Queens Beast coins collection. The White Lion Of Mortimer is the 8th of the series. Also, we have just received the new 2oz Royal Canadian Mounted Police coin from the RCM. Unique in featuring an older monarch on the coin - its a stunningly detailed offering !  (Posted Fri 27th Sept 2019)

Save 75c/oz on 10oz Recognized Bars !

We have an assortment of internationally recognized 10oz bars available at a discount of 75c/oz, making these our cheapest 10oz bar currently available !! These are various brands like Republic Metals, Johnson Matthey, Heraeus, Engelhard etc. Condition varies, as these are not new bars, but all are 999+ purity, and listed on the LBMA Good Delivery list for silver.  (Posted Tue 24th Sept 2019)

100oz JM Silver bars - Just $1/oz premium !

JM bars are some of the most widely recognized silver and gold bars in the world ! These classic style poured silver bars bearing the JM logo are no longer available directly, since Johnson Matthey recently sold their production facility to Asahi. All our bars are in great, as-new condition, and at just $1/oz over spot, represent one of the best deals around !  (Posted Tue 17th Sept 2019)

New or Prior Gold Maples - You Decide !

Many of our customers have a preference for taking only the latest Gold Maples available, whilst some are not worried, so long as they are still 9999 purity. We have now put the decision in your hands, and are listing New and Prior Years separately, with a $5 discount for the prior years ! (Posted Mon 9th Sept 2019)

Featured Item - Sunshine Minting 5oz Silver Bars !

Looking for a quality bar of silver which fits right in your hand ? Have a look at the Sunshine Minting 5oz Silver Bars. Many people find these an excellent and convenient size, claiming 5oz bars are neater and easier to manage than lots of 1oz bars. Sunshine Minting is one of the best known brands in North America, they have low premiums, and all their bars feature their own MintMark security feature. This means its easy for anyone to authenticate the bars with one of Sunshines special lenses.What's not to like ? (Posted Wed 14th August 2019)

Recognised Gram Gold bars - SALE !

We have the best rates for fractional gold! 1g, 5g, 10g and 20g gold bars at just 2% over spot. Strictly while stocks last. These are all from internationally recognised mints such as PAMP Suisse, Republic Metals etc. Stock up today ! (Posted Wed 14th August 2019)

Breaking News ! Gold breaks all-time high in Canadian Dollars !

Due to Fed rate cuts, trade wars and central bank buying, gold has finally broken its 2011 all-time high of $1904 in Canadian Dollars ! It finally closed the day at around CAD$1910. However we are far from the highs in US Dollars, meaning this move has a long way to run yet !! (Posted Thu 1st August 2019)

Get 5oz & 10oz gold bars for just 1% premium !

For a limited time, while stocks last - we are offering 5oz & 10oz gold bars at just 1% premium. Various brands, but all bars are in very good condition, and from internationally recognised mints (Johnson Matthey, Engelhard, PAMP Suisse etc) (Posted Wed 31st July 2019)

Silver selling fast !

Due to recent price rises in silver, we have seen sharply increased demand. As such many of our mainstay products are either low stock, or out of stock ! We have more inventory arriving in the next 2-3 days, and if you want to lock in the price today, just give us a call and we'll guarantee it !   (Posted Thu 25th July 2019)

Perth Mint Summer Sale - save $1/oz !

For our Summer Sale, we are selling ALL Perth Mint silver products at a discount of $1/oz ! Kookaburras, Koalas, Dogs, Pigs - 1oz, 2oz, 5oz, 10oz, 1kg - CATCH THEM ALL at Atlantic Gold & Silver !! Updated : Sale Now Ended(Updated Fri 19th July 2019)

10oz RCM Silver Bars - shortage.

Please note we are currently waiting over 1 month for deliveries of 10oz RCM Silver bars due to production shortages. If you wish to back-order this product, then our ETA is 4-6 weeks from payment to delivery. Updated : Now Back in Stock   (Posted Wed 26th June 2019)

Fractional Gold Sale !

In what is arguably our BEST EVER deal on fractional gold, we are selling 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz and 1/20oz Gold Maples for the SAME RATE as 1oz Gold Maples. So you can buy any combination of fractions, and you will get the same great rate !! We don't expect this deal to last long, so the limit is 1oz of gold per customer ! Now All Sold ! (Updated Mon 17th June 2019)

WIN some fractional silver !

Since we re-introduced fractional silver earlier this year, it has been very popular ! Now is your chance to WIN some ! Answer 10 questions about silver, and a tiebreaker for your chance to win an assortment of 999 fractional silver rounds. Competition now closed - winners to be announced this week.  (Updated Mon 17th June 2019)

Welcome to our re-designed website !

We first introduced our Ecommerce site in 2014, and given that web design has advanced significantly, an update was long overdue ! We have introduced a new modern design, clearer navigation, and front page access to top news-feeds. Live prices are now displayed on a bar at the bottom, and we have increased the mobile-friendliness of the site. We hope you like it !  (Posted Tue 7th May 2019)

Crypto-Currency Vault Account Changes.

Our Vault accounts are an ideal way to invest in crypto-currencies like Bitcoin if you do not want to get involved in the technical side of things ! However, on 1st June 2019 we will be introducing small storage fees for Crypto-Currencies held in our accounts. We will also be increasing our transfer fees for sending crypto-currencies to your own wallet. We feel these fees are essential to help cover the costs of administration, ongoing software and hardware upgrades and general IT support to keep our systems secure. Click HERE to find out more about Crypto Vault accounts and the coming changes. (Posted Thu 25th Apr 2019)

Bitcoin - Here's to the future !

With Bitcoin up 26% since January, and Litecoin up a staggering 126%, it's no wonder that people are looking at Crypto-Currencies again. Despite huge volatility, there has been a lot going on to make crypto-currencies more useable and user friendly over the last year. The prior bull market saw BTC go from US$200 to US$20,000 in 3 years. If the December lows of US$3000 was the bottom, then how high will Bitcoin climb this time? Open an account today ! (Posted Mon 15th Apr 2019)

Gold Maplegrams - Small is Beautiful !

Given golds huge potential price rises in the next crisis, 1g gold should be part of everyones portfolio ! Gold Maplegrams from the Royal Canadian Mint are one of the most affordable ways to buy gold in gram denominations. Crafted from the same .9999 fine gold in 1oz Maples, these 1g coins come in sealed and divisible cards. A full sheet has 25 grams, which can be snapped apart like a chocolate bar, enabling you to trade, or 'make change' in gold ! (Posted Tue 9th Apr 2019)

Protect your investment ! Cases & capsules for most popular coins & bars.

Due to popular demand, we've refined and expanded our range of hard cases and capsules to protect your bullion. Whilst we have carried capsules for Silver Maples & Eagles for some time, you can now get great cases for 1oz & 10oz bars, as well as for Queens Beast coins, and most special edition RCM Silver (e.g. 1.25oz & 1.5oz) and Gold ! (Posted Tue 2nd Apr 2019)

New YouTube Video : 5 Compelling reasons to buy Gold right now !

With Central Bank buying, negative interest rates, and more - there has never been a more important time to buy gold ! We are at an inflection point in history, and you want to be on the right side !! Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel now ! (Posted Wed 27th Mar 2019)

Lowest cost JM/Asahi 1kg Silver bars !

1kg Silver bars are some of our most popular sellers ! More convenient that bulky 100oz bars, but cheaper per oz than 10oz bars, there is something very appealing about a kilo of poured silver ! We are now stocking new Asahi 1kg Silver bars, who took over the mint from world renowned Johnson Matthey - hence the bars might bear either name, but are all internationally recognised & identical in other respects. Get yours today ! (Posted Tue 19th Mar 2019)

Queens Beast Coin #7 - Yale of Beaufort.

The Yale was a mythical beast, supposedly white and covered with gold spots and able to swivel each of its horns independently. Originally the crest of the House of Beaufort in 1485, its image is also prevalent around Yale university in the US ! These 2oz Silver coins from the Royal Mint are the 7th in the Queens Beast series, and will sell out soon, so order yours today ! (Posted Tue 12th Mar 2019)

Fractional Silver - Back by demand !

We have managed to find reliable supplies for our fractional silver, following requests by many customers ! These buffalo rounds come in 1/2oz, 1/4oz and 1/10oz sizes, each in handy sized tubes! At 99.9% purity, with a high quality finish, these are an attractive way to save silver for the future when it goes to $100/oz !  (Posted Wed 20th Feb 2019)

2019 Silver Krugerrands - Update : NOW IN STOCK !

The design of the 1oz Silver Krugerrands is a copy of the 1oz Gold Krugerrands, the first ever mass produced 1oz gold bullion coin! This classic design features South Africa's national animal, the Springbok on one side, plus the image of Paul Kruger, 3rd President of South Africa and veteran of the Boer war which helped gain independance for South Africa in 1884. (Updated Thu 14th Feb 2019)

Crypto storage at Quadriga - no impact.

Recently the Canadian Crypto-Currency exchange QuadrigaCX closed due to financial difficulties following the sudden death of its founder, who had sole control over the private keys for Crypto-Currency storage ! We have received several phone calls from clients asking if we are affected in any way, and we want to reassure our customers that we had no funds or crypto-currencies with Quadriga. We would also like to assure people that ALL crypto-currencies stored with us are held offline in cold storage. Also, in case of the loss of key personel, we have backup, contingency plans and insurance - ensuring other trusted employees have access to the private keys, and can continue operations as normal. (Posted Wed 6th Feb 2019)

Big Buyers now save more !

Good News if you're looking to make a major purchase in precious metals ! You'll now get a better deal on Monster Boxes of silver, and 10+ ounce of gold ! We have reduced our premiums on larger orders so you save more, and in return can buy more - a WIN-WIN for everyone ! And don't forget, prices include FREE SHIPPING throughout the Maritimes, and most major areas Canada-Wide ! (Posted Fri 25th Jan 2019)

New YouTube video : Peak Gold & the Gold/Silver Ratio !

In this video we explore the concept of Peak Gold, look at how miners are responding, and the implications for the Gold/Silver ratio ! Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel now ! (Posted Wed 16th Jan 2019)

2019 Silver Maples now in stock !

Happy New Year ! We now have NEW 2019 Silver Maples in stock in both stores ! We are closed for New Years Day, but open again on Wednesday 2nd Jan 2019 at 10am (Posted Mon 31st Dec 2018)

New YouTube video : Should you buy Bitcoin at this price ?

With the recent drop in Crypto prices, should you now consider buying Bitcoin? We look at whether it is good value, or whether another currency is better ! Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel now ! (Posted Thu 22nd Oct 2018)

RCM Silver Bar shortages.

Please note that while we currently have good stocks of 10oz & 100oz RCM silver bars, the mint is now several weeks delayed with its production - partly due to demand, and partly due to re-prioritization of capacity for producing 2019 coins. Please be aware that once our stocks are depleted, orders for these products may take 2-4 weeks. (Posted Fri 19th Oct 2018)

Royal Mint Queens Beast - Falcon !

Collecting the set ? Act fast before these Falcons 'fly' off the shelves ! Number 6 of the 10 Queens Beast Silver coins produced by the Royal Mint in the UK is the Falcon of the Plantagenets. This was the symbol of Plantagenet king Edward III, which then passed to the Queen. Now available, but in limited quantities ! (Posted Wed 3rd Oct 2018)

New YouTube video : Why Gold is a BARGAIN right now !

With spot gold trading around US$1200/oz, its an incredible bargain for 1 important reason ! Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel now ! (Posted Thu 6th Sep 2018)


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