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Black Friday Sale - Save $1.00 on Silver Maples !

For our Black Friday sale you can save $1.00 on all Silver Maples on Thursday & Friday this week. Max is 25oz per person. Deal is only available while stocks last, and is NOT available online. $1.00 DISCOUNT CAN ONLY BE BOOKED IN-PERSON OR BY PHONE. SALE ENDS CYBER MONDAY. Finishes at 5pm Mon 29th Nov. (Updated Mon 29th Nov 2021)

Volume discounts for Gold Hexabars

By popular demand, we have introduced tiered discount rates for our already competitively priced gold hexabars. These are already the cheapest form of fractional .9999 fine bars available - and now we are offering an even better deal when you buy over 1oz ! (Posted Tue 16th Nov 2021)

1oz Asahi Gold Bars

Asahi are known for producing high quality bullion products at a competitive price, so we have decided to stock their 1oz Gold bars also. These are a great deal - cheaper than RCM products, internationally recognised, 9999 fine, professionally finished, individually packaged - everything you need for a solid gold investment bar. (Posted Mon 1st Nov 2021)

Deal on 10oz Asahi Silver Bars

At last - we have managed to secure some more of the attractive & great value Asahi bars. We have a limited supply of 10oz bars available - in stock in both stores for pickup, and more on the way. (Posted Fri 8th Oct 2021)

Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

We will be closed on Monday 11th October for the Thanksgiving holiday. We will reopen at 10am on Tuesday 12th October. (Posted Fri 8th Oct 2021)

Product delays due to high demand.

Due to high demand since the start of September we are seeing shortages of several product lines. We are struggling to source our full range of products at reasonable prices in reasonable timeframes. Orders over $10,000 may take 2-4 weeks for fulfilment. We continue to offer market beating premiums for those selling products back to us to help increase supply. (Posted Tue 5th Oct 2021)

Reduced Premiums - RCM Silver.

Last week we saw reduced premiums come through on all RCM Silver products (1oz Maples, 10oz bars, 100oz bars). We are passing these reductions directly through to you, so you will have seen a drop in price of all RCM silver products, with Silver Maples now over $1 cheaper ! (Posted Thu 5th Aug 2021)

Will silver prices surge in August again ?

Its been a while since we did any seasonal analysis, so we took data back to 2017, and looked at the average monthly price rises in both Gold & Silver. Firstly, its obvious that Gold appears to show much steadier growth than silver, which dips noticeably in price between March and May. However, it more than makes up for that in August. So if you are thinking of getting silver, don't miss the boat - if history repeats itself, we could see substantial price gains next month !!! (Posted Wed 21st July 2021)

Silver Dollars - Absoultely the BEST Deal right now !

Even though we have to charge HST on Junk Silver, our pricing is so competitive now, that its our cheapest silver even WITH the tax included !! Cheaper per ounce than even 10oz and 100oz Bars ! Stock up now while we have it available - IT WILL NOT LAST ! (Posted Wed 7th July 2021)

5oz Sunshine Bars - SALE finished

For a limited time, get a FREE hard case with your 5oz Sunshine Minting Silver Bars ! These cases keep your shiny bars in Mint condition, and protect against scratches, dents and tarnishing. Oh, and you STILL save $1.50/oz compared to the previous rates !!! (Posted Tue 22nd June 2021)

5000oz Silver Sale - 5oz & 10oz Sunshine & Assorted Bars - SALE finished

We believe this is the CHEAPEST silver in Canada right now ! 10oz Assorted silver bars have been included in our Summer Sale, and are now our lowest premium silver product. Stock up now whilst we have supplies left ! (Posted Mon 7th June 2021)

Summer Sunshine Clearance - Save $1.50/oz on SMI 5oz & 10oz Bars. SALE finished

Overstock Clearance ! Save BIG now on Sunshine 5oz and 10oz Silver bars. Position yourself now before the BASEL III banking rules change in June - putting the Bullion Banks manipulation scheme on ice ! (Posted Thu 27th May 2021)

Appointments required for NS store.

Due to restrictions in NS, we are temporarily returning to business by appointments in our Bedford store. Please call ahead for a time before visiting. Store details and direct phone# can be found HERE(Posted Wed 28th Apr 2021)

Gold & Silver supplies improving.

We are pleased to report that supplies of gold and silver and starting to arrive more regularly than in Q1 of 2021. Whereas we were waiting upto 4 weeks for products earlier in the year, we are now receiving orders in 1-2 weeks, and in some cases under a week. For large orders please call ahead for availability, as sales are still brisk and we do occasionally run our of some items. (Posted Mon 12th Apr 2021)

1oz Asahi Silver Rounds. Beautifully affordable !

With lower premiums than Silver Maples, an internationally recognized reputation and a beautiful finish, these rounds are a great addition to your silver investment portfolio. Available individually, or in tubes of 20. (Posted Thu 11th Mar 2021)

Supplies Returning & backorders available.

After a prolonged shortage caused by a surge in demand in February, we are starting to see supplies return. Orders in store now up to $5000/week and larger orders can now be booked with an ETA of 3-4 weeks. (Posted Thu 4th Mar 2021)

Supply shortages - please join our Wait List.

To be called first as supplies become available please CLICK HERE to register on our Wait List. People will be called in STRICT ORDER of registration. Please check our web site regularly for more information. (Posted Mon 22nd Feb 2021)

2021 Silver Maples now available.

As the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Amazing how literal that becomes when protecting yourself from inflation with ounces of either silver or gold! The massive debt fuelled money printing of 2020 by many governments is already starting to cause inflation, so protect yourself today with new 2021 1oz Silver Maples! (Posted Tue 26th Jan 2021)

2021 Gold Maples. Happy New Year !

It looks like its going to be a big year for gold in 2021! We are already struggling to keep up with demand which has eclipsed anything we have seen in the last 10 years ! However, we are continuing to increase our standing inventory, and we have new deliveries of Gold arriving in the next few days, including new 2021 Gold Maples! (Posted Fri 8th Jan 2021)

Gold Hexabars - lowest price fractional gold in Canada - now available without restrictions !

Not only are our new gold hexabars some of the most unique 9999 fine gold items available, they are also the lowest premium fine gold bullion investment in Canada. We have removed restrictions on the quantity, so you can now buy more! Our low price & unique design has made these very popular, and we do occasionally sell out. However because we are not dependant on the mint, there's always more on the way!  (Posted Mon 9th Nov 2020)

10 years with Atlantic Gold & Silver !

Its hard for me to believe, but we are now 10 years old. Having started in a tiny spare space in a strip mall here in Riverview, we have grown to dealing millions of $$ per year in Gold, Silver & Crypto Currencies. To mark this landmark occasion, we are starting another first - we are minting our own fractional gold bars, right here on the premises! Thank you to all our loyal customers and friends we have developed over the years. David Ford. (Updated Fri 6th Nov 2020)

Silver Maples - Back in Stock.

We have seen increased demand for Silver Maples over the last few months compared to other products, but supply delays have made keeping enough stock difficult. We have now finally received some further shipments, and going forward we be increasing our inventory and placing orders more frequently to keep the supplies coming! (Posted Fri 25th Sep 2020)

Junk Silver - The Currency of the Apocalypse.

Recently we have been surprised at the demand for coins instead of bars - even though the premiums are higher. Conclusion? People are looking for something recognized & tradeable in case of currency collapse. Enter Junk Silver! The most recognized form of coins in Canada, available as fractions of an oz, and now also the cheapest per oz! Get yours today ! (Posted Thu 3rd Sep 2020)



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