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2023 Silver Maples - Book yours now!

2023 Silver Maples are due in store next week, so we are now taking orders ! This maple has a special commemorative design depicting Queen Elizabeth and the years of her reign from 1952 - 2002 and will be the last of the coins bearing her image before the coronation of King Charles III later this year. (Posted Tue 31st Jan 2023)

50g gold bars at 2.5% premium !!

Larger bars, Larger Savings! Metric bars are commonplace in most of the world, and as gold gets more expensive, pricing by the gram makes more sense. We have received some 50g bars recently, which we can offer at a great discount to the usual rates for 1oz bullion. Limited availability. (Posted Tue 24th Jan 2023)

New Year clearance - Save $1 on all Silver Maples.

With 2023 coins expected in a few weeks, we managed to get some 2022 Maples at a discount & we're passing on the savings! So we're having a clearance on all 2022 and prior year Silver Maples. Help us shovel out our safes to make room for the new arrivals, and you'll save $1/oz on ALL Silver Maples. (Posted Thu 5th Jan 2023)

Website outage - resolved.

We apologise for the website outage over the last few hours. A bizzare network problem meant that you could access our site from Brazil, Singapore, Australia and the West Coast of the USA, but not the East Coast ! Tech support couldn't understand it either. Go figure ..! We've put in a work around and are back up & running.  (Posted Thu 5th Jan 2023)

Perth Mint 1g, 5g & 10g gold bars - now in stock.

Due to increasing demand for smaller gold bars, we have expanding our inventory to include 1g, 5g and 10g gold bars from the Perth Mint. In many cases, these work out at a better cost per oz than fractional Gold Maples. They also come individually packaged and sealed in conveniently sized assay cards. In stock now.  (Posted Wed 21st Dec 2022)

Falling Premiums - 1oz Silver Coins.

Most mints and distributors have reduced their premiums on 1oz Silver Coins, so we are passing on the savings! This may just be a temporary situation during the Christmas season, and we fully expect premiums to rise again in the new year as silver stockpiles at large warehouses continue to shrink rapidly, with some forecast to run out early in 2023. Grab a deal now while its on the table ! (Posted Thu 15th Dec 2022)

Christmas Shipping Deadline.

Our last shipping date before Christmas will be Monday 19th December. All orders for shipping must be fully paid by 12noon on Friday 16th December to allow time for picking & packing, so we recommend getting your Christmas orders in early next week to avoid disappointment! (Posted Fri 9th Dec 2022)

Gold Maples - now save $50 on prior year coins. SOLD OUT

For a limited time, we are offering a big saving on prior year Gold Maples. Usually we sell these for $25 less than new Gold Maples, but while stocks last, we're reducing the price by a further $25, saving you $50/oz on the same gold, from the same mint! All coins are in great, uncirculated condition, so act now, before they're all gone! (Posted Wed 30th Nov 2022)

Gold bars in gram weights - coming soon.

Due to continuing delays and high prices for fractional Gold Maples from the RCM, and also to customer demand, we are expanding our inventory to include 1g, 5g and 10g gold bars from the Perth Mint. In many cases, these work out at a better cost per oz than fractional Gold Maples. They also come individually packaged and sealed in conveniently sized assay cards. Hitting our stores in December, but avaiable to book now!  (Posted Mon 21st Nov 2022)

Supply issues.

We are experiencing some tightness in supply due to heavy demand across North America. As such immediate delivery is only available for orders up to $10,000 per week. If you wish to place larger orders over $10,000 we will advise you of the timescale for delivery before you book your order.  (Posted Mon 14th Nov 2022)

Silver Buffalo's - Low cost 1oz silver ! 

Silver Buffalo's are an enduring an popular design for 1oz silver. These rounds from Golden State Mint are our cheapest 1oz silver by over $1/oz ! The design and finish are the usual high quality you would expect from one of the largest private mints in the US. (Posted Thu 13th Oct 2022)

10oz RCM Bars - back in stock & on sale !

Back by popular demand! We have had trouble sourcing the popular RCM 10oz bars over the last year, but now we have them back in stock, and are having a sale to celebrate! Get yours today.  (Posted Tue 20th Sept 2022)

New books in stock!

Great new books to teach your children (or grandchildren) about sound money before they get brainwashed by the system! Suitable for ages 5-11. Also, we've restocked the classics of Austrian Economics by Rothbard & Mises. All available AT COST, because education is important. Click HERE for our books page. (Posted Wed 7th Sept 2022)

Germania Mint 10oz cast silver bars.

These attractive cast bars are selling fast! They are 9999 pure silver, individually sealed and boxed, and sport a hologram on the back to guarantee authenticity. The price is also great - its currently our cheapest branded 10oz silver bar! (Posted Tue 9th Aug 2022)

Sunshine Minting Rounds - Save $1/oz !

Save $1/oz on Sunshine Minting Rounds. As some of the best known non-government produced silver, and with the recent price drop, this is a great chance to get some reputable silver at a good price! (Posted Wed 27th July 2022)

Philharmonics - Our Cheapest 1oz Silver Coin

The classy Austrian Philharmonic is currently our cheapest 1oz silver coin! The unmilled edge and thickness of the coin make it a little different to other coins, and regular production and availability has made it a popular investment beyond its home in Europe. Stock available to order in store or online. (Posted Mon 18th July 2022)

Online order limit increase.

Due to improved stock availability, we have increased the online ordering limit to $10,000. For larger orders and backorders up to $100,000 please call during regular office hours. (Posted Tue 7th June 2022)



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