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100oz Silver bars at just $1/oz over spot !

We have just acquired a large inventory of 100oz JM & Engelhard silver bars. All in great condition. These are going for just $1/oz over spot, or $0.90 if you're buying 10 or more. A great deal if you're loading up before the new year price rises ! (Posted Tue17th Oct 2017)

5oz Scotiabank Silver Rounds !

We have a limited supply of 5oz Scotiabank rounds in hard cases, all in mint condition available in both stores ! The best bit ? We're selling them for $7 each less than Scotiabank :-) (Posted Thu 12th Oct 2017)

BIG Gold Clearance !

It's our 7th anniversary this week, so we're having a clearance sale of all the fractional and different gold we have received over the last few years ! Look for the SALE flag in our item listings - all 1oz & 100g gold on sale at just 2% premium ! All fractional bars (1g, 2g, 5g, 10g) at just 4% premium ! (Posted Fri 29th Sep 2017)

New YouTube video - Spend those Loonies while they're hot !

We have not published a video recently due to the summer break, but now we take a timely look at the recent strength of the Canadian Dollar, whats causing it, and what you should do about it ! Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel now ! (Posted Fri 22nd Sept 2017)

Hardware Crypto-Wallets !

We are pleased to announce we will have shipments of the 2 leading hardware wallets arriving in our stores over the next 1-2 weeks. These are proving very hard to buy due to high demand. Ideal for securely storing your cryptographic keys for all major coins. Click HERE for details & pricing. (Updated Wed 19th Sep 2017)

Voyager 1oz Silver Coin.

The 1oz Voyager coins are now in stock in both stores. They are indeed a classic design, and with a limited mintage of just 250,000 will not be available for long. Drop in, call or book online today ! (Posted Thur 14th Sep 2017)

Crypto-Currencies fee update.

Due to banking fees, exchange latency and transactions costs we are reluctantly increasing our costs for all crypto-currency transactions by 1%. We are exploring other exchanges and banking providers in an effort to keep costs down, and should we find more economical and reliable solutions, we will again reduce our costs. (Posted Tue 12th Sep 2017)

RCM Voyager 150th Anniversary 1oz Silver Coin !

Featuring the famous Voyageur design which was introduced on the King George V Silver Dollar in 1935, these 2017 1oz fine silver coins from the RCM have been produced in a limited mintage of just 250,000 coins. In our opinion, one of the best commemorative bullion coins produced by the mint in several years ! Book Now - arriving in stores next week ! (Posted Wed 6th Sep2017)

Crypto-Currencies availability update !

Due to very strong demand for Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum we are currently out of funds at the exchange. We will have availability again on Wednesday. If you wish to fund your account in advance, you will be first in line once funds are available. (Posted Tue 5th Sep 2017)

Silver Lynx - Final Sale !

Fall is a time for new coin releases, so to make room, we're having a sale of the last remaining 2017 Silver RCM Lynx coins ! As of today we have less than 100 left in each store, so if you still have not picked up one for your collection, then move fast ! Sale only while stocks last, and no back-orders ! (Posted Mon 28th Aug 2017)

Crypto-Currencies availability

Demand for Crypto-Currencies has been very strong this week. We are limited on how much we can transact each day depending on funds available at the exchange, so please call ahead before sending funds to buy - as when we reach our daily limit, it can take a further 24-48 hrs before we can execute transactions ! (Posted Fri 11th Aug 2017)

New YouTube video - Whack-a-mole : Precious Metals Edition !

Where & Why have market manipulators been hammering precious metals prices ? We have a look at the multi-year charts for Gold & Silver and see where people have been playing Whack-a-mole with the markets - and why the practice will soon be ending. Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel now ! (Posted Thu 3rd August 2017)

Bitcoin Fork (proposed) - 1st August

If you currently hold Bitcoin in one of our Vault Accounts, you may soon own an equivalent amount of a new spin-off currency called Bitcoin Cash. If the proposed splitting of the code (hard fork) occurs, this will create a duplicate blockchain ledger which will be called Bitcoin Cash. Your existing, and new coins will remain safe in our offline storage. Holders of Bitcoin in our Vault accounts will be receiving emails with further details today. (Posted Mon 31st July 2017)

Summer Sale !

Looking through our safes, and we still have a small stock of 2017 Perth Mint coins available ! Time for a Summer Sale. Save 50c/oz on all our 2017 Perth Mint silver bullion. While stocks last & no free shipping on discounted products. (Posted Tue 25th July 2017)

Litecoin now available !

By popular demand, we have added a 3rd crypto-currency to our lineup. Litecoin is a cheaper, and technically superior version of Bitcoin, which has also been around for several years. It has always been in Bitcoins shadow, but recent upgrades to the technology for Litecoin have started to make it have a following all of its own ! (Posted Fri 14th July 2017)

Summer means Silver at Bargain Prices !

Early July is historically one of the best times of the year to buy silver, and this year is no exception ! With US prices falling to around $16, we have seen heavy buying ! Be warned ! These low prices only usually last for a few weeks, and traditionally we can expect prices to turn upwards in late July and early August. For a refresher, check out one of our older newsletters : The Seasonality of Precious Metals Prices (Posted Wed 5th July 2017)

Save 25c/oz on Silver Maples ! - NOW SOLD OUT !

We have a quantity of pre-owned Silver Maples in Excellent Condition available at a discount this week. Most are years 2010-2016. Discount is not available online - please phone, or come into our stores to lock in the savings ! (Posted Tue 27th June 2017)

Take our Survey - Win 1 of 5 Silver Maples !

We're conducting a survey to get your opinions on crypto-currencies vs. precious metals as short/long term investments. We've put together a dozen thought provoking questions to help you think about the differences between the two. Enter the survey now, and you could win 1 of 5 2017 Silver Maples ! CLICK HERE to take the survey now. (Posted Tue 20th June 2017)

Crypto Currencies update !

We've now improved our crypto-currencies offerings ! Starting today we offer smaller commissions, and lower spreads between buy & sell ! What's not to like ?? With more funds available at the exchange, we hope to keep pace with current demand also ! (Posted Tue 13th June 2017)

Crypto Currencies now available !

You can now buy, sell or trade Bitcoin and Ethereum with The Atlantic Gold & Silver Centre ! We are the first dealer in Atlantic Canada to offer Crypto Currencies ! Have them delivered to your wallet, or leave the technical storage details to us & open a Vault Account ! Please make sure you understand crypto-currencies before buying, and please read our Quick-Start Guide before investing (Posted Mon 5th June 2017)

New YouTube video - $1000 Then and Now !

A great video to share with your friends who don't understand precious metals ! We received a 1954 $1000 banknote last week. Looking at what $1000 would buy in 1954 compared to now is a salient reminder of why we invest in gold & silver ! Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel now ! (Posted Thu 1st June 2017)


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