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New YouTube video : Bullion Sellers as Market Sentiment indicators !

Buy seeing the numbers of people SELLING physical bullion, we get inside information on market turning points ! Is now a good time to buy ? Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel now ! (Posted Sat 14th Dec 2017)

4th July Sale - Save $1/oz on American Silver Eagles.

Thats right ! In one of the best deals ever - we're offering a discount of $1/oz on US Silver Eagles. These are the most popular and recognized bullion coins in the world, and we're now offering them for LESS than the cost of Silver Maples ! Strictly while stocks last !! Update - Sale Now Over. (Updated Thu 12th July 2018)

Gold Maples - Save $5/coin !

We're over-stock on Gold Maples, so are offering a discount on these 1oz coins while stocks last ! If you like RCM Gold, then Canada Day just arrived early ! Update - Sale Now Over. (Updated Thu 12th July 2018)

Ripple virtual currency now available !

Many people have asked us to extend our range of virtual currencies since we started brokering them almost a year ago. One of the most requested was Ripple, and we are pleased to say we have now added this to our lineup of available investments. You can order online, in-store or by phone, just as for our other currencies. (Posted Tue 29th May 2018)

What has government done to our money ? New YouTube video !

We've restocked our book selection, so check out this video review of Rothbards amazing little book "What has government done to our money?". A quick and easy read - but which will blow your mind away with ideas and concepts about money which are long forgotten by todays society ! Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel now ! (Posted 16th May 2018)

Diversion Safes - now available !

If it can't be found, it can't be stolen ! Most burglars spend less than six minutes inside a victim's home and only check the most obvious places for valuables. These unique "safes" allow you to hide valuables in the last place a thief would think to look  - inside common household products. Plus, your valuables are always on hand should you need to access them quickly. (Posted Mon 14th May 2018)

Silver Maples - Premiums squeezed !

After the huge success of our sale of variety maples last month, we've now squeezed the premiums down on our regular Silver Maples ! You can now save up to 25c/oz on the most popular bullion coin in Canada ! (Posted Mon 7th May 2018)

1oz Recognised Gold Bars - Just 2% Premium !

Amazing deal on Gold bars right now - While stocks last ! Top brands like Credit Suisse, Scotiabank, Johnson Matthey gold bars at the amazing premium of just 2% over spot. Save $15 compared to RCM Gold bars, and spend it on lunch ! (Posted Fri 6th Apr 2018)

Queens Beast Silver #5 - The Black Bull Of Clarence

Just arrived are the latest in the popular Queens Beast series. With coins 1-4 already sold out, this one is sure to move quickly. The Black Bull of Clarence is the latest of the 2oz fine Silver coins in the 10 coin series from the Royal Mint in the UK, which commemorate the 10 statues present at Queen Elizabeth II coronation. (Posted Tue 3rd Apr 2018)

Book Cryptos Online

Online ordering is now available for trading crypto-currencies. One you fund your account, you can login and buy or sell cryptos 24/7 from our online order screen. Online rates are just 2.75% - save over 1% from manual or phone orders. (Posted Mon 2nd Apr 2018)

Trezor Model-T !

We are the FIRST retailer in Canada to start selling the New Trezor Model-T hardware wallet ! Trezor is the worlds most trusted hardware wallet provider, and the new Model-T features a large, easy to use, full color touch screen. All confidential data, including the PIN, are entered exclusively through the screen ! (Posted Wed 21st Mar 2018)

2018 Incuse Silver Maples !

Brand New for the 30th anniversary of the Silver Maple - new double incuse design ! These limited edition coins have an inverse stamp on both sides, and the total mintage will be just 250,000 coins ! Arriving in stores in the next 2-3 days, so order yours now ! (Posted Thu 1st Mar 2018)

Perth Mint 2018 - just arrived.

New 2018 Kookaburras, Koalas & Lunar Year Of The Dog coins have just arrived direct from Australia ! We're unboxing & will have available on the site by the end of the week ! (Posted Thu 15th Feb 2018)

Crypto-Currency - NOW AVAILABLE !

Following 2 weeks of delays, we now have a new partner for supplies of virtual currencies. We hope this will be a long term solution which will decrease delays and provide more reliable supplies.We will be calling customers who have funds on account to place trades this morning. (Updated Thu 8th Feb 2018)

Great Deal on 10oz Silver Bars.

We have our 10oz Assorted Silver bars at the great regular low price of just $1.50/oz over spot. Many different styles/designs. NTR, Scotiabank, Pan American etc. Click HERE for details (Posted Thu 18th Jan 2018)

Special Notice for Vault customers holding crypto-currencies. UPDATED

If you have Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum stored in one of our Vault Accounts, please note we are limiting holdings in our Vault accounts to $10,000 per client. This does not apply to gold and silver, which have their own limits. Please take the time to carefully read the following document to explain the coming changes. Crypto-Currency Vault Limits UPDATE Check out our new Guide to Storing Crypto-Currencies (Posted Wed 17th Jan 2018)

Book some Crypto Profits in Bullion ! New YouTube video !

If you swapped bullion for crypto-currencies this year, you probably have a big 'paper' profit right now. Why not lock in some of that profit & get your original bullion back ! Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel now ! (Posted Thu 21st Dec 2017)

Swapping Bullion for Crypto's ? Please Read...

Due to the large volume of crypto-currency transactions we are undertaking, we are constantly struggling to move sufficient funds to the exchanges. If you come in with Bullion to swap for cryptos, we essentially need to liquidate that bullion for cash before we can send 'those' funds to the exchange. Hence there will now be a 3 business day delay between bringing bullion in for trade, and executing the related crypto-currency transaction. (Posted Sat 2nd Dec 2017)

BLACK Friday Deal - Silver Maples just $2.00 premium ! UPDATE - SOLD OUT !

We have our best deal ever on Silver Maples! Just CDN $2.00 premium - any quantity! Strictly while stocks last ! Offer valid until Sat 25th November only ! UPDATE - Due to huge demand, we sold all available inventory by approx 3pm on Friday ! To get immediate notice of future sales SUBSCRIBE to our emails at the bottom of this page! (Posted Tue 21st Nov 2017)

Payment Delays for Selling Gold & Silver !

We have had a lot of people selling silver and have bought back around 15,000 oz over the last 3-4 weeks. This means our cash/bank reserves are low, and as such payments for people selling are backed up approximately 5 business days from time of booking the order ! (Posted Wed 8th Nov 2017)

Don't buy gold from the Bank ! New YouTube video !

Following the news story from last week about the fake RCM Gold bar bought from RBC, we look at why you should not buy gold bars from the bank ! Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel now ! (Posted Tue 7th Nov 2017)

Best Sale Ever - Save 50c/oz on Top RCM Silver !

While stocks last ! Save 50c/oz on our top selling RCM Silver products ! 1oz Silver Maples, 10oz RCM Silver Bars & 100oz RCM Silver Bars ! Your chance to get some of the most popular silver items in Canada at the lowest price ever !  (Posted Mon 30th Oct 2017)

5oz Scotiabank Silver Rounds !

We have a limited supply of 5oz Scotiabank rounds in hard cases, all in mint condition available in both stores ! The best bit ? We're selling them for $7 each less than Scotiabank :-) (Posted Thu 12th Oct 2017)

BIG Gold Clearance !

It's our 7th anniversary this week, so we're having a clearance sale of all the fractional and different gold we have received over the last few years ! Look for the SALE flag in our item listings - all 1oz & 100g gold on sale at just 2% premium ! All fractional bars (1g, 2g, 5g, 10g) at just 4% premium ! (Posted Fri 29th Sep 2017)

New YouTube video - Spend those Loonies while they're hot !

We have not published a video recently due to the summer break, but now we take a timely look at the recent strength of the Canadian Dollar, whats causing it, and what you should do about it ! Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel now ! (Posted Fri 22nd Sept 2017)

Hardware Crypto-Wallets !

We are pleased to announce we will have shipments of the 2 leading hardware wallets arriving in our stores over the next 1-2 weeks. These are proving very hard to buy due to high demand. Ideal for securely storing your cryptographic keys for all major coins. Click HERE for details & pricing. (Updated Wed 19th Sep 2017)

Voyager 1oz Silver Coin.

The 1oz Voyager coins are now in stock in both stores. They are indeed a classic design, and with a limited mintage of just 250,000 will not be available for long. Drop in, call or book online today ! (Posted Thur 14th Sep 2017)

RCM Voyager 150th Anniversary 1oz Silver Coin !

Featuring the famous Voyageur design which was introduced on the King George V Silver Dollar in 1935, these 2017 1oz fine silver coins from the RCM have been produced in a limited mintage of just 250,000 coins. In our opinion, one of the best commemorative bullion coins produced by the mint in several years ! Book Now - arriving in stores next week ! (Posted Wed 6th Sep2017)

Silver Lynx - Final Sale !

Fall is a time for new coin releases, so to make room, we're having a sale of the last remaining 2017 Silver RCM Lynx coins ! As of today we have less than 100 left in each store, so if you still have not picked up one for your collection, then move fast ! Sale only while stocks last, and no back-orders ! (Posted Mon 28th Aug 2017)

New YouTube video - Whack-a-mole : Precious Metals Edition !

Where & Why have market manipulators been hammering precious metals prices ? We have a look at the multi-year charts for Gold & Silver and see where people have been playing Whack-a-mole with the markets - and why the practice will soon be ending. Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel now ! (Posted Thu 3rd August 2017)


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