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Bitcoin price surge !

Bitcoin has surged over US$4000 in November alone, adding to considerable gains made since early this year. Its now up over 250% since the start of the year ! As it approaches its all time high from late 2017 there are little signs of it slowing down. Currently the worlds best performing alternative asset class, crypto-currencies should be part of everyones portfolio as a long term store of value against fiat currency debasement. (Posted Thu 19th Nov 2020)

Gold Hexabars - lowest price fractional gold in Canada - now available without restrictions !

Not only are our new gold hexabars some of the most unique 9999 fine gold items available, they are also the lowest premium fine gold bullion investment in Canada. We have removed restrictions on the quantity, so you can now buy more! Our low price & unique design has made these very popular, and we do occasionally sell out. However because we are not dependant on the mint, there's always more on the way!  (Posted Mon 9th Nov 2020)

Queens Beast Series #10 !

We now have the final coin of the Royal Mints popular Queens Beast 2oz silver coin series in stock. The coat of arms featuring the white greyhound dates from the late 1400's and the shield combines the red rose of Lancaster and the white rose of York. It symbolises how Henry VII united these warring houses, ending the Wars of the Roses. Get yours today! (Posted Thu 29th Oct 2020)

10 years with Atlantic Gold & Silver !

Its hard for me to believe, but we are now 10 years old. Having started in a tiny spare space in a strip mall here in Riverview, we have grown to dealing millions of $$ per year in Gold, Silver & Crypto Currencies. To mark this landmark occasion, we are starting another first - we are minting our own fractional gold bars, right here on the premises! Thank you to all our loyal customers and friends we have developed over the years. David Ford. (Updated Fri 6th Nov 2020)

Silver Maples - Back in Stock.

We have seen increased demand for Silver Maples over the last few months compared to other products, but supply delays have made keeping enough stock difficult. We have now finally received some further shipments, and going forward we be increasing our inventory and placing orders more frequently to keep the supplies coming! (Posted Fri 25th Sep 2020)

Junk Silver - The Currency of the Apocalypse.

Recently we have been surprised at the demand for coins instead of bars - even though the premiums are higher. Conclusion? People are looking for something recognized & tradeable in case of currency collapse. Enter Junk Silver! The most recognized form of coins in Canada, available as fractions of an oz, and now also the cheapest per oz! Get yours today ! (Posted Thu 3rd Sep 2020)

Gold available online.

Gold is now available online again. Due to ongoing supply disruptions, all precious metals orders (gold or silver) are currently limited to $10,000 per WEEK. For orders over $10,000 please call to place a backorder (takes 3-4 weeks). Please do not place duplicate orders online as these will be rejected. (Posted Mon 31st Aug 2020)

1/10th Gold Philharmonics.

Due to the popularity of the beautiful 1oz Gold Philharmonics, we are now also stocking the 1/10th oz coins. The same beautiful design, made from 9999 pure gold, and you actually save $40/oz compared to the RCM 1/10th oz gold coins.Due to ongoing supply disruptions, ordering is currently limited to $10,000 per WEEK. For orders over $10,000 please call to place a backorder (takes 3-4 weeks). Please do not place duplicate orders as these will be rejected. (Posted Tue 11th Aug 2020)

Gold - UPDATED - Limited Quantities now available.

We are currently sold out of gold for over the counter orders. We can accept back orders, and delivery is expected to be 4 weeks. UPDATE - we now have limited quantities available. (Updated Thu 20th Aug 2020)

Order Limits - $5000/week for over the counter sales.

Due to repeated shortages and lack of availability, we reluctantly have to restrict over the counter sales to $5000 per person per week. This is fine for 90% of customers, but for larger orders over $5000, we can place backorders, but delivery could be 6-8 weeks. (Posted Tue 11th Aug 2020)

Silver now available online.

Due to improved supplies, we have now re-enabled online ordering for our most popular silver products (Silver Maples, Junk Silver, and assorted 1oz bars, 10oz & 100oz bars) We are expecting shipments of gold this week & will re-enable online ordering for gold as available. Ongoing disruptions due to supply/demand imbalances are likely to continue for the forseeable future. (Posted Mon 10th Aug 2020)

Gold & Silver - stock available for orders up to $5000.

Despite shortages following massive demand last week, we are receiving limited supplies of Gold & Silver every day. We are now able to fulfil most orders for up to $5000. If you are looking to place a larger order, then please register on our Wait List. Click HERE to register your interest. (Posted Thu 30th July 2020)

Unknown delays on Gold & Silver - Join the Wait List.

Due to massive demand, we are now sold out of Gold & Silver. We have been informed that it will be weeks to months before new stock becomes available. As such we are re-introducing our Wait List. Click HERE to register your interest, and as stock becomes available, we will call people in strict order of registration. We have product arriving EVERY DAY. Wait times approx 1-2 weeks. This is the best way to be informed first as product arrives ! (Posted Tue 28th July 2020)

Gold Philharmonics & Perth Mint Gold Bars.

Due to ongoing delays sourcing Royal Canadian Mint products, we will soon be stocking high quality alternatives in the form of Austrian Philharmonic coins and Perth Mint bars. Both are 9999 pure gold from some of the best recognized mints in the world ! (Posted Tue 21st July 2020)

Gold Delays.

We are currently experiencing delays from the mint for Gold Maple coins and bars. This is simply due to high demand ! Supplies of silver are currently good for most sizes, but unfortunately premiums are still higher than in the past. (Posted Wed 15th July 2020)

Online Ordering re-enabled.

You can now shop in your PJ's again, because online ordering is back ! Now that stocks of gold and silver are returning, and supplies are becoming more reliable, we have been able to re-start our online ordering. Cart & checkout are operating normally, and you can order online up to $20,000. (Posted Tue 16th June 2020)

Silver & Gold stocks returning !

After over 10 weeks of shortages, we are starting to see the resumption of supplies from the Royal Canadian Mint and other suppliers. We will be re-enabling online ordering and updating all stocks and prices as normalcy returns ! (Posted Thu 28th May 2020)

Need to Sell ? Get a Great rate !

No-one want to sell their gold or silver, but in difficult times it can be necessary. We are now offering the highest rates above spot in Canda for gold & silver bullion to help replenish our supplies. So take advantage of this dry spell to sell at a higher rate. Once the mints begin catching up again, premiums will begin to drop. So if you need funds, act now ! (Posted Fri 27th Feb 2020)

Asahi 1oz Silver Bars !

Asahi bars represent one of the best value internationally recognized 1oz silver bars on the market today ! With a fantastic finish, convenient storage in tubes of 20, international reputation and low price, we cannot find any other product on the market which is currently as attractive as these for value & quality ! Whilst owned by the Japanese Asahi company, many of these bars are made in the USA or Canada in mints formerly owned by Johnson Matthey. (Posted Tue 18th Feb 2020)

2020 Gold & Silver Maples !

We now have 2020 Gold and Silver Maples in stock, but they are selling fast! The fast rise in metals prices is resulting in higher interest and increased demand. Will 2020 be a landmark year for precious metals ? Join the action and get some coins today !  (Posted Fri 3rd Jan 2020)

Perth Mint 2020 - Year of the Mouse !

Just in - the first of the Perth Mint Lunar Series III celebrating the new Chinese Year.. These new coins feature brand new designs, and sturdier cases. The 2020 coin features a new template, and a beautiful new design which is sure to sell out fast. The 1oz coins are limited to just 300,000 coins wordwide ! Perth Mint Lunar coins make ideal christmas gifts, so get yours today !(Posted Fri 19th Oct 2019)

New or Prior Gold Maples - You Decide !

Many of our customers have a preference for taking only the latest Gold Maples available, whilst some are not worried, so long as they are still 9999 purity. We have now put the decision in your hands, and are listing New and Prior Years separately, with a $5 discount for the prior years ! (Posted Mon 9th Sept 2019)

Breaking News ! Gold breaks all-time high in Canadian Dollars !

Due to Fed rate cuts, trade wars and central bank buying, gold has finally broken its 2011 all-time high of $1904 in Canadian Dollars ! It finally closed the day at around CAD$1910. However we are far from the highs in US Dollars, meaning this move has a long way to run yet !! (Posted Thu 1st August 2019)


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