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New YouTube video - Canadian Dollar Collapse.

The rate of collapse of the Canadian Dollar is becoming very concerning ! We look at the main drivers behind the collapse, the imminent nature, and different options to preserve your wealth. Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel now ! (Posted Thu 27th Apr 2017)

New Silver categories !

We have gradually increased our range of silver over time, which has made it difficult to find the correct product on our Silver page ! We have now split our silver into two categories - Silver Coins & Rounds, and Silver Bars & Other. We hope this makes for faster browsing & simplifies finding the products you are looking for ! (Posted Fri 21st Apr 2017)

Best deals on silver - right here !

Not fussy about the brand ? Just want pure silver at the best price ? Keep an eye out for our Assorted 1oz, 5oz & 10oz categories ! We can't have categories for every mint & product out there, so this is the heading we lump it all under ! Well known mints, 999+ purity and a low cost. What's not to like ? (Posted Tue 18th Apr 2017)

New YouTube video - Silver price update Q1 2017 !

We take a look at the price action in silver for the last quarter and identify key targets over the coming weeks & months. Also, what to look for on the Gold/Silver ratio to help make buying decisions. Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel now ! (Posted Wed 12th Apr 2017)

Bring Back Real Money !

Did you know one of our customers bought a car from a dealership with Silver Maples this year ? It's a great story, and if we all work together we can increase the acceptance of gold and silver as alternative methods of payment in our community. We're looking for businesses who would like to get paid in gold & silver to advertise on our web site ! For just 1oz Silver per year you can reach like minded individuals and strengthen the local precious metals community. Click HERE for full details ! (Posted Thu 6th Apr 2017)

New YouTube video - Using Gold & Siver as currency in USA & Canada !

The use of gold & silver as everyday money (currency) is probably closer than some people realise thanks to many legislative changes in the US. Check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel now ! (Posted Thu 30th Mar 2017)

Did you enter our survey ?

If you entered our survey - Thank You ! We received many helpful & valuable comments. If you tried to enter but did not get in before the survey closed at the 125 entry limit, then please look out for our next survey/competiton in a couple of months ! 25 people will be receiving emails today to let them know they won a 5g Scottsdale Silver Bar ! Please reply to this email to let us know if you want to pickup in Bedford, Riverview, or have shipped with a future order ! (Posted Thu 28th Mar 2017)

We need your opinions ! Enter our Survey !

Thats right ! Without feedback from our customers, we could not improve our services. Please take the time to fill in our new survey. We're looking for 125 responses, and as a reward, 1 in 5 people will win a 5g Scottsdale Mint Silver bar ! Update - Survey now CLOSED : Thanks to all who took part ! (Updated Thu 23rd Mar 2017)

New YouTube video - Events pushing Silver prices to the Moon !

We have seen very strong demand for Silver in March, and events lined up for this week could start the launch of silver prices to the moon ! Go to our YouTube Channel to watch & subscribe ! (Posted Tue 14th Mar 2017)

10oz Silver Maple !

The Royal Canadian Mint have released a brand new coin for 2017. The 10oz .9999 pure $50 "Magnificent Maple Leaves". We have shipments of this fantastic new coin arriving in our stores next week, and can now take orders by phone ! With the price slightly LESS than the cost of 10 individual silver maples, these may be the hottest new bullion item from the RCM in recent years. Be sure to book early as we expect them to fly off the shelves ! Update - these are now available in both stores ! We have had our first look - and they are fantastic - come & get one today !! (Updated Fri 10th Mar 2017)

Thinking of buying a 100oz bar? Now may be the time !

We have a good deal on 100oz silver bars right now - but only while our current stocks last. Whether you want RCM or Johnson Matthey - these are some of the best prices we have ever had for 100oz silver bars ! Save $25 per bar - across all tiers & products ! (Posted Thu 23rd Feb 2017)

New YouTube video - Identifying authentic RCM Gold & Silver !

We have seen a few fake RCM products show up in the last 6 months, so we've put together this video to look at the tools you need to authenticate gold & silver and what to look for when buying RCM gold & silver products. Click HERE to view the video, or go to our YouTube Channel to subscribe ! (Posted Fri 17th Feb 2017)

New RCM Predator Lynx now available !

We have just received the 2nd coin in the RCM Predator Series - The Lynx ! Following on from the Cougar last year, this coin has a lower than usual mintage of just 500,000 so be sure to get one before they get away ! (Posted Wed 15th Feb 2017)

Perth Mint - New 2017 Koalas & Roosters !

Just in from the Perth Mint is our final shipment for the 2017 coins. We have the Koalas (1oz & 1kg), and we have more of the hard to find Lunar Roosters (2oz, 5oz & 10oz). In Riverview today (Wednesday) & arriving in Bedford tomorrow (Thursday). These will go fast so please don't delay if you want to get one ! (Posted Wed 8th Feb 2017)

Sunshine 1oz Rounds - a deal you'll love !

From just CAD $1.55 over spot, a hundred of these coins will cost you less than a 100oz RCM silver bar ! This is all brand new stock, and limited quantities - max 100oz per person. (Posted Mon 6th feb 2017)

Trade old for new & get a great deal !

Have some old jewellery at home ? Want to get our top discount on Silver Maples or other products ? Make a trade ! We give the TOP TIER discount on all our bullion products when you are trading in other old gold or silverware. Check out this YouTube video to see how it works ! (Posted Wed 1st Feb 2017)

Coming Soon.. Perth Mint 2017 Koalas !

We've just received confirmation of a shipment from The Perth Mint in Australia that our 2017 Koalas are on the way ! We have also managed to get one final shipment of the hard-to-find 2oz, 5oz & 10oz 2017 Lunar Rooster Coins (Posted Tue 31st Jan 2017)

New YouTube Video ! Save money on Gold & Silver using our Vault Accounts.

Many people use our Vault Accounts to buy precious metals, but many more people don't understand how they can save money using them. All is explained in our new YouTube video. Go to our Newsletters & Videos page, or our YouTube Channel to view and subscribe ! (Posted Tue 10th Jan 2017)

Welcome to 2017 ! Online orders shipping this week.

Welcome to 2017 - it promises to be an interesting year !! For all who ordered online over our 1 week break - thank you for your patience. We are checking through orders, applying payments as they arrive, and will be shipping today and tomorrow. (Posted Tue 3rd Jan 2017)

New YouTube Video ! Fake rallies & sellofs in silver & gold markets.

We look back at the price charts for 2016 and decide where the "fake" silver and gold price moves really were this year ! Go to our Newsletters & Videos page, or our YouTube Channel to view and subscribe ! (Posted Fri 23rd Dec 2016)

2017 Silver Maples.

Just In ! - 2017 Silver Maples have just arrived in our Riverview store - if you wanted one for a gift this Christmas, we are open until 5pm on Friday 23rd. (Posted Thu 22nd Dec 2016)

Christmas Hours and Shipping Deadlines.

Our last day of operation before Christmas will be Friday 23rd December - when we will close at 5pm. We will then be CLOSED from Saturday 24th December 2016 to Monday 2nd January 2017 inclusive. We will re-open at 10am on Tuesday 3rd January 2017. Last shipping for orders up to $5000 or outside the Maritimes will be on Tuesday 20th December. Last shipping for orders over $5000 by courier will be Wednesday 21st December. Cleared payment for shipped orders must be received by noon on the last respective shipping day. (Posted Thu 15th Dec 2016)

Get 100 oz for price of 99 oz - standard & recognized 100oz bars !

We have a range of standard and recognized 100oz bars available at 1% discount. So get 100oz for the price of 99! Use the extra money to buy youself a nice 1oz coin for Christmas ! No free shipping on dicounted 100oz bars. (Posted Tue 13th Dec 2016)

New YouTube Video ! Globalism, Gold & Silver.

What are the consequences for gold & silver as people in western democracies begin to reject the global economic agenda ? Starting with the excellent commentary and analysis by economist Mark Blyth recently, we question what the logical conclusions will be regarding the prices of gold and silver. Go to our Newsletters & Videos page, or our YouTube Channel to view and subscribe ! (Posted Tue 6th Dec 2016)

SAVE - on Gold & Silver Maples !

Our rates are DOWN on Gold & Silver Maples ! We secured a large purchase this week at a competitive rate, so are passing on the savings while we can ! Offer is strictly for a limited time while our additional stocks last ! No free or discounted shipping on Gold Maples - see product page HERE for details. This has been our businest fall for several years - so don't wait - gold & silver are both moving fast ! Update - Offer now closed. (Updated Fri 9th Dec 2016)

Holiday Special - 5 oz Scotiabank Silver !

OK, it's not a holiday in Canada, but there are plenty of sales on ! We have a limited quantity of 5oz Scotiabank Silver Rounds available- at $8 less than listed on the Scotiabank site ! These are .999 pure silver and come in hard plastic cases. Very limited availability - maximum of 5 rounds per customer. Offer ends in 3 days on Saturday 26th November ! (Posted Thu 24th Nov 2016)

Website Issues.

We apologise for the issues some experienced over the last 24 hours trying to access our web site. Some browsers may have given a warning saying our security certificate had expired. There were no problems with our web site, or other security concerns. We had renewed our certificate last week, but it took longer to configure and install than expected. (Posted Mon 21st Nov 2016)

New YouTube Video ! Trump, Inflation and Precious Metals.

What do all these three things have to do with each other ? Watch our latest YouTube video to find out if we're about to experience what the Weimar Republic did after World War 1. Go to our Newsletters & Videos page, or our YouTube Channel to view and subscribe ! (Posted Wed 16th Nov 2016)

Rememberance Day.

Our stores will be closed on Friday 11th November for Rememberance Day. We will be open as usual on Saturday 12th November from 10am - 1pm. (Posted Thu 10th Nov 2016)

Metals spike overnight, then dip as markets relax after Trumps victory speech.

Overnight risk premiums for Silver and Gold have been removed, and prices are stabilizing this morning, though still significantly higher than an the close yesterday. We have seen robust demand for precious metals over the last week. (Posted Wed 9th Nov 2016)

Overnight orders on Election Night.

Please note that market volatility may produce sharp swings in precious metals prices overnight as results come in from the US Presidential Elections. As such, any orders placed online outside of regular market hours may see additional premiums to cover our risk. Effective from 5pm tonight (Tue 8th Nov) to 10am tomorrow (Wed 9th Nov). ALSO - Check out or Poll results on our new YouTube Video ! Go to our Newsletters & Videos page, or our YouTube Channel to view and subscribe ! (Posted Tue 8th Nov 2016)

2017 Silver Kookaburra - Limited Availability

We have a limited availability of 100 coins per store for the new 2017 1oz Silver Kookaburras, and will not be receiving any further stocks until next year ! If you want one, then call us today, or drop in to pick yours up. These make great gifts, even for children, due to the hard plastic case. They will retain their beauty, and stay in mint condition for years ! (Posted Tue 1st Nov 2016)

New Product Video !

Take a closer look at the new 2017 Perth Mint Rooster coins with our new video. Also, have a look at a lesser known, but stunning bar - the 1kg silver from Republic Metals ! Go to our Newsletters & Videos page, or our YouTube Channel to view and subscribe ! (Posted Thu 27th Oct 2016)

2017 Perth Mint Silver Coins - NOW IN STOCK !

Our 2017 Roosters and Kookaburras have just arrived in Riverview, direct from the Perth Mint in Australia ! The Lunar Roosters are beautiful ! We have them in 1/2oz, 2oz, 10oz & 1kg - but LIMITED quantities ! Will be available in Bedford next week. Please call NOW to book if you want any of these coins !! (Koalas are not yet available, as these are only released in January 2017) (Posted Fri 21st Oct 2016)

2017 Perth Mint Quiz

Thank-you to everyone who entered our quiz to win 1oz Perth Mint Coins. Out of around 100 entries, we had just 30 who answered 10/10 questions correctly ! We chose the 5 winners based on their tie-break answers, and they have been informed by email already ! Look out for another chance to win in our next competition at Christmas !! (Posted Wed 19th Oct 2016)

2017 Perth Mint Silver Coins - Coming Soon !

We are pleased to announce that 2017 Kookaburras and Roosters are now on the way, and will be arriving in-store in the next few days. Please note there will be LIMITED AVAILABILITY of these coins, so be sure to order soon if you want to add them to your collection ! (Posted Tue 18th Oct 2016)

Is history about to repeat itself ? Bullish case for silver ! New YouTube Video !

We look at last weeks sharp drop in precious metals prices in its historical context. Check out the amazing correlations in price movements from previous times in the last few years ! Go to our Newsletters & Videos page, or our YouTube Channel to view and subscribe ! (Posted Wed 12th Oct 2016)

Low Stock on some Silver items - Backorder to lock in great prices !

Due to high demand in the last 2 weeks, we are low stock on several popular silver products. We have several thousand ounces arriving in the next 5-10 days, so please phone if you wish to lock in low prices and back-order products ! (Posted Tue 4th Oct 2016)


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