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Crypto Currency Vault Accounts

Invest in Bitcoin and other Crypto-Currencies without any computer skills.

Many people are daunted by the complexity of setting up their own wallets for storing crypto currencies. If you are keeping hundreds or thousands of dollars in your own wallet, you should be pretty sure you know what you are doing !

Alternatively, you can leave it to us, and store your investments in our Vault Accounts.

  • No computer skills needed !
  • 100% secure offline cold-storage !
  • Software & hardware upgrades handled by us !
  • Managed coin splits and hard forks !
  • Unlimited storage capacity !

You can buy or sell your holdings at any time, either in-person at our stores, over the phone, or online from our web site.

We make the whole process as easy as buying groceries !!!



From 1st June 2019, there are fees for storage of crypto-currencies in our Vault Accounts. These fees are essential to help cover the costs of administration, ongoing software and hardware upgrades to our systems and general IT support. It is important to keep our systems fully up to date.

The storage rate will be 1.5% per year, based on the current balance in your vault account(s), and charged in the crypto-currency of your vault account(s). Fees will be charged for every month, or part thereof, that crypto-currencies are stored in your vault account.

The fee for each month will be calculated and applied on the 1st day of each month, based on the balance in your vault accounts at noon on that day.

For the storage costs, consider these two examples...

1) If you have 100 Ripple in your account at noon on 1st June 2019, the following storage fee will apply.    
    100 XRP * 1.5% APR / 12 months = 0.1374 XRP
Monthly Fee = 0.1374 XRP    
2) If you have 10 Litecoin in your account at noon on 1st June 2019, the following storage fee will apply.    
    10 LTC * 1.5% APR / 12 months = 0.01374 LTC
Monthly Fee = 0.01374 LTC    

The monthly storage fees will be deducted from your account, meaning your balance will drop by a fraction of a % every month, such that the total cost works out to 1.5% per year.


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