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Metal Lease Contracts for Gold & Silver Investors

Please Note : Due to high demand for our Metal Lease Contracts, and popularity of our Vault Accounts, we are not accepting any new applications for our Metal Lease Contracts.

Metal Lease Contract

Our Metal Lease Contract is a way of investing in the security of Precious Metals, whilst also getting a fixed return on your investment - similar to a traditional GIC.

However, an MLC is different to a traditional investment, as you are buying the physical commodity first, rather than just depositing cash. This means you will get the benefit of any price changes in the metal over the time its invested, as well as a fixed % return !

For sereval years we have offered Vault Accounts, for those who wish to gradually build up precious metals holdings on account, before taking physical delivery.

Now, for those wishing to invest over $5000 in Gold or Silver, and are prepared to hold the investment for 1 or 3 years, we can offer you a fixed return, with the interest payment being made in metal !

Why would we do this ?

We are aware that most precious metals mutual funds, ETF's and depositories will actually CHARGE you to store your silver or gold, due to logistical and insurance costs. However, we actually need silver and gold for our day to day business, and the higher our standing inventory, the lower our transaction and banking costs. This means it is worthwhile for us to pay a return for the use of your silver or gold, rather than borrowing at the bank to fund our inventory.

What are the rates and conditions ?

We are currently offering the following annual rates of return :


Investment 1 year rate 3 year rate
$5000 1.0% 1.5% (total 3 yr return 4.57%)
$25,000 1.5% 2.0% (total 3 yr return 6.12%)
$50,000 2.0% 2.5% (total 3 yr return 7.69%)


Since the payments are made in precious metals, there are no complicated valuations to be made. E.g. If your rate is 2%, then for every 100 troy ounces of silver you lease to us, we will credit you with an additional 2 ounces each year. This is then compounded, so the following year you would get 2% of 102 ounces etc.

To run our business smoothly, we need reliable and predictable inventory - hence there are minimum terms for the lease, and also a set notice period.

  • Minimum Lease Term : 12 months or 36 months
  • Notice Period : 3 months

This means that once the lease starts, you are committing for at least a year (similar to a GIC) and must subsequently give 3 months notice to terminate. The contract remains in operation indefinately, and you will continue to collect interest until you decide to terminate. Only the minimum term is specified. Investments are credited to our Vault Account, and you can see your balance online. On termination you can chose to either sell your metal to us at the current market rate, or you can arrange to take delivery of your holding directly in the form of coins or bars.

Is my investment safe ?

We will place your entire investment immediately into physical silver or gold, and we carry sufficient insurance at all our premises to cover any loss. We are a privately owned, debt free company. All our physical bullion transactions are cash settled, with no use of credit, and all customers bullion is 100% physically backed. This means any funds transferred to us are very safe, as it is virtually impossible for us to go bankrupt.

If you are interested, please call or email us to arrange an appointment for further discussions.

Telephone :

Toll Free : 1 866 720 9651
Office : 1 506 387 4890
            1 506 387 6241

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