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Bring Back Real Money !

Did you know one of our customers bought a car from a dealership with Silver Maples this year ? It's a great story, and if we all work together we can increase the acceptance of gold and silver as alternative methods of payment in our community. The more people who use gold and silver as money, the more resilient our communities will be from currency devaluation and economic shocks. In the US, many states are introducing legislation allowing gold and silver to be used as an alternative currency to US Dollars, and in mining areas of western Canada gold and silver are regularly used for all kinds of transactions !

Businesses are key !

Every month we have people selling their silver to us to pay for much-needed repairs to their home or vehicle, to purchase some land, or meet other bills. Wouldn't it be great if they could find local businesses who accepted gold and silver directly as payment ?

Reach like minded people for just 1oz Silver / year !

Advertising for your business can be expensive.... but not through us ! We're dedicated to increasing the acceptance of gold and silver as money in our community so will just charge 1oz silver as the cost for a years registration on our site. The network will enable you to advertise directly to like minded people. As well as having an advert on our site, you will get window decals and in-store signs to promote your acceptance of gold and silver to walk-in customers.

Proposed business window decal (5" x 3")

Is it Legal ?

Yes. The legal tender laws in Canada simply state that payment for goods and services must be 'mutually acceptable to both parties'. You do not have to transact in Canadian Dollars, and barter is acceptable. The only time that Canadian Dollars MUST be accepted is for repayment of loan debt. The lendor has to accept the legal tender for repayment otherwise he could hold the debtor in debt.

How does it work ?

Firstly, you are not obligated to take gold or silver for transactions, and its up to you what you want to accept (payment must be 'mutually acceptable to both parties') You can then agree with the customer in advance what form payment will be in, e.g good conditon 1oz Silver Maples, 10oz silver bars, 1oz RCM gold bars, or any combination of gold or silver.

We will be listing a 'Strike Price' for the major products on our web site, which will be halfway between our BUY/SELL rates. This live rate will update with all other rates on our site, meaning you always know what the fair trade price is for most gold/silver products. This means that both the business and the customer get a good deal from the transaction !

How do I start ?

We're keen to start this exciting new way for our community to grow right away !! For further details, call our Riverview store on 1 506 387 4890. We will be on-boarding businesses over the next 3 months, and the directory will go live immediately after that !

Help us make gold and silver money again !



David M. Ford

President & Founder

The Atlantic Gold & Silver Centre




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