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Crypto-Currencies : Quick Start Guide !

A Quick-Start guide for people allergic to small print & detailed instructions ! Read on, or watch this guide on YouTube !


If you do not already have an account with us, you can open an account 3 ways...

  • In Person (in one of our stores)
  • By Phone (call during business hours)
  • Online on our web site

Note : If you want Crypto-Currencies delivered to your own wallet, you MUST set up the online account, so you can put in your wallet addresses online.


You can get verified in 2 ways

For In Person Verification For Online Verification

Bring 1 of these types of Photo ID in to our stores.

Photo ID
Drivers License
Firearms License
Permanent Residence Card
Provincial ID Card

Upload 1 Photo ID and 1 Proof of Address to our web site.

Photo ID Proof of Address
Drivers License Bank Statement
Passport Credit Card Statement
Firearms License Property Tax Bill
Permanent Residence Card Water / Sewer Bill
Provincial ID Card Power Bill
  Phone / Internet / TV Bill



If you are ordering In-Store, you can just buy over the counter with Cash or Debit !

If you are ordering By-phone, you must send funds in advance, then CALL to place your order.

You can send funds in advance by:-

  • Interac Email Money Transfer
  • Bank Draft
  • Bill payment
  • WIRE Transfer

Please just CALL us in advance to let us know the money is coming & we'll call you to place your order as soon as it arrives !


(All orders are currently by PHONE - we hope to introduce online ordering later this year)

Question :  Do you want to store your crypto-currency yourself, or have us store it for you ?

We store for you in our Vault Store myself in my own wallet

Place an Order for :-

  • Bitcoin Vault
  • Ethereum Vault

..and we will store them using our secure cryptographic keyholder which is kept in our safe (with backups at other secure locations)

You must have your own hardware or software wallet already set up and configured.

You must have an 'Online' account set up on our web site.

In your 'Account Details' you must enter your Bitcoin/Ethereum Wallet address. You should COPY & PASTE this from your wallet software to avoid mistakes.

Place an Order for :-

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

..products, and we will transmit them directly to your wallets using the addresses you provided in your Account Details.

Network Transfer Fees :-

  • Bitcoin : BTC 0.0005
  • Ethereum : nil

Price is per transaction


Technical Support : We cannot offer ANY technical support or advice for people setting up their own software or hardware wallets, or for online wallets hosted on other web sites.

Computer Security : If you are not confident setting up your own computer security, we strongly recommend investing with our 'Vault' accounts and allow us to store your crypto-currencies.

Wallet Addresses : If you advise us of an incorrect wallet address, funds transferred to that address will be LOST entirely and we shall not be held responsible for the loss.

Exchange Availability : Crypto-currency exchanges are relatively immature and less reliable than established stock exchanges. Should exchanges experience difficulties, we CANNOT guarantee to buy or sell any crypto-currencies until the exchanges are operating normally again.

That said - have fun investing in the newest financial products available !




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