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Crypto-Currencies : Quick Start Guide !

We understand you want to get started FAST, so follow these instructions to streamline your setup & avoid delays...


We recommend you open an account ONLINE, as this will allow you to...

  • View balances held in our vault accounts
  • Enter digital wallet addresses for us to send crypto-currencies to you

However, if you do not want to open an account online, you can still open an account by phone, or in person.



We now offer 2 levels of verification - Express and Full


  • No proof of ID or address required.
  • You can trade up to $1000/week in crypto-currencies.
  • Start investing straight away.
  • Upgrade to Full Validation later to trade larger amounts.

Just call 1 866 720 9651 to upgrade to Express Validation immediately.


  • Proof of ID and address required
  • No limit on transaction sizes
  • Online trading up to $2500/day

We need proof of ID & Address before you can trade, which can be done In-Store or Online. If you chose Online Verification, you will also be sent a SECURITY CODE by regular mail, which must be confirmed prior to trading.

For In Person Verification


For Online Verification

(Takes 5-7 days)

Bring 1 of these types of Photo ID in to our stores. If it does not show your address, we will also need a proof of address as for Online Verification.

Photo ID
Drivers License
Firearms License
Permanent Residence Card
Provincial ID Card

Login, and click on My Account at the top of the page

Click the link "Get Validated for Crypto-Currency transactions"

Upload 1 Photo ID and 1 Proof of Address to our web site.

You will receive an EMAIL within 1 business day once your account has been verified. PLEASE DO NOT CALL before this time

Photo ID Proof of Address
Drivers License Phone / Internet / TV Bill
Passport Power Bill
Firearms License Property Tax Bill
Permanent Residence Card Water / Sewer Bill
Provincial ID Card  

You will be sent a SECURITY CODE in the mail which must be confirmed before you make any transactions.

(Please note that if you validate your ID online, you will be restricted to $2500 in orders in the first 7 days)


If you are storing your Crypto-Currencies with us (in our Vault Accounts) then skip ahead to STEP 4

If you are having crypto-currencies sent to your own wallet, take the following steps...

  • Login to your account
  • Click on My Account at the top of the page
  • Click the link "Change my email, phone & Crypto-Currency addresses"
  • Copy & Paste the relevant crypto-addresses into the fields
  • Click Continue to save the information



Minimum Order size for Crypto-Currencies is $250. If ordering online, please ensure you send over this amount due to decimals and rounding (e.g. $255)

Please follow the instructions below to ensure payments are received quickly and without problems.

Please Note : WE DO NOT accept Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, or any other credit card based payments for Bullion or Crypto- Currencies.

Type Location Notes

Bill Payment

Preferred Option


No Limit (depending on your bank) Set up "Broadside Bullion" as your payee, and use your 10 digit account number (found on the "My Account" page) Payments take 1-2 days. You will receive an email when payment has cleared. Please DO NOT CALL until you receive email confirmation or 2 business days has passed.

The transfer MUST come from a bank account with YOUR NAME on. We CANNOT accept payments from your business or another family member. There will be a $25 fee for returning incorrect payments.

Cash In Store Limit $10,000 per person per 24hrs
Debit Card In Store Your card limit (usually $2000 or $3000)

Gold & Silver

In Store or by Insured Mail

No Limit (2-3 days delay from receipt of bullion to booking crypto-order)

WIRE transfer From your Bank Only for payments over $25,000. Please request details from us.
Bank Draft In Store or by Mail Only for payments under $25,000. Mail to our address in New Brunswick





Limit typically $2000/day (depending on your bank). Max $3000/day.

Send payment to

The transfer MUST come from a bank account with YOUR NAME on. We CANNOT accept payments from your business or another family member. Incorrect or unidentifiable payments will be ignored & expire after 30 days.

PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR 10 digit account # in the Etransfer Message (you can find this on the top right of the "My Account" page)

For the etransfer password please use either..

  • Your Post Code in the format A1A2B2 (All Caps, no spaces)
  • Your Phone # in the format 5556667777 (10 numbers, no spaces)

..and set the security question to 'What is my PostCode?', or 'What is my Phone #'

Payments take 2-3 hours - but can be 24hrs when busy.

You will receive an email when payment has cleared.

Please DO NOT CALL until you receive email confirmation or 24 hours has passed.



AFTER you have received an email confirming receipt of payment, you can place your order ONLINE or by PHONE.

  • If you are having crypto-currencies delivered to your address, we will VERBALLY confirm the address with you.
  • We will lock in the price on the phone, upto your payment amount.



We DO NOT send crypto-currencies out immediately on booking.

All crypto-currencies ordered during the day are sent to confirmed addresses between 5pm and 6pm that evening. (1pm-2pm on Saturdays)



Technical Support : We cannot offer ANY technical support or advice for people setting up their own software or hardware wallets, or for online wallets hosted on other web sites.

Computer Security : If you are not confident setting up your own computer security, we strongly recommend investing with our 'Vault' accounts and allow us to store your crypto-currencies.

Wallet Addresses : If you advise us of an incorrect wallet address, funds transferred to that address will be LOST entirely and we shall not be held responsible for the loss.

Exchange Availability : Crypto-currency exchanges are relatively immature and less reliable than established stock exchanges. Should exchanges experience difficulties, delist or refuse to trade particular virtual currencies, we CANNOT guarantee to buy or sell those virtual currencies unless and until the exchanges are trading them normally again.

That said - enjoy investing in the newest financial products available !




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