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1 oz Silver: Broadside Vault Account

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Product Description:
Broadside Vault Accounts are a cost-effective means of buying, owning and selling silver or gold. Broadside Vault Account holders own fully backed, but unallocated ounces in a pool of precious metals held securely by the Atlantic Gold & Silver Centre on their behalf. Holders have the ability to accumulate ounces at low premiums and convert them into physical products at any time, or alternatively sell the ounces to receive payment.
Also see our Vault Account FAQ under the Storage Options Menu.

By Kurt
22nd January 2015
I love this option! Its a great way to save up so you can buy larger bullion product thereby saving ..

By Chris
14th January 2015
I have been using the silver vault for over a year now and it has proven to be a great investment to..

By Sean
14th January 2015
I have been using the Vault system for over a year. I love it Its great because I can accumulate a ..

By Jean
13th January 2015
I recently purchased some silver online from the vault account and I have to say the process was ver..

By Paul
13th January 2015
I have been a customer of this product and Vault system for three years now and am totally satisfied..

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